First things first- The GC-TC

The GC Tom Collins

The Ginsoak Collective is committed to the very best in guilty pleasures, be it the CW, microwavable desserts, or sneezing pandas.  But obviously, the wonder of gin is at the very top of our list. The pinnacle, if you will. So, before we proceed, we bring you the official drink of the GC, our version of the classic Tom Collins.


Here’s what you’ll need:

gc tom collins ingredients

One (1) Pint Glass [yes, there is a glass named after this drink, but, honestly, it’s too small]

Four (4) Ice Cubes [not shown]

Two-ish (2.5) shots of  Good Gin [we prefer the Hendricks]

One (1) lemon’s worth of juice

One (1) tablespoon of sugar

Enough club soda to fill the pint glass

Three (3) or more cherries, from a jar, stems removed.

Combine all ingredients except cherries and stir like made with a chopstick. Then add cherries. Drink. Repeat.


March 26, 2011. Gin. Leave a comment.